Where Quality and Cow Comfort Matters

At Mountain Fresh Creamery and Glo-Crest Dairy, they are dedicated to their cows’ comfort and health 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They milk around 200 Holstein cows, twice a day, every day on their 100 acre farm. Approximately 60% of their herd is registered, and they have plans to be 100% registered by 2020.

Their cows spend part of each day grazing in their lush pastures. What goes into the cow affects what comes out, so they make sure their cows have fresh water at all times and a balanced, healthy diet. Although the cows love grazing outside in the pasture, Nutritionist Ron Arp carefully balances the cows’ vitamin and mineral needs to ensure they receive the highest quality feed as well. During the hot Georgia summers, the cows enjoy hanging out by the fans to keep cool. They’re treated like family!

Milk quality is their #1 priority at Glo-Crest Dairy, and the practices they have in place to care for their cows has captured their farm the “Cream of the Crop” award each year since 2004!

At Mountain Fresh Creamery, their all-natural, non-homogenized dairy products come straight from their farm to your family.  Not only do they bottle cream, whole milk, chocolate milk, low-fat milk and buttermilk – they also make their own butter and premium ice cream too! Containing no added hormones or antibiotics, you can rest assured that each of their products is minimally processed to taste the way that nature intended. Nothing is added or taken away; it is 100% of what their cows have to give you!

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