The secret is out – glamping at North Georgia Canopy Tours is amazing.

These are the glamping experiences you’ve been looking for…
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Adventure Tour 

Allow 3 hours for this twelve ZiplineTour with over one mile of cable. The Adventure Tour includes two sky bridges, three nature walks, the fastest zips on the course, zips over three ponds, two zips over the North Oconee River, and a rappel. Race a partner on the thrilling finale – a 695-foot dual zip over the Hilltop Pond in front of the Observation Deck.

Sky Bridge Tour 

Allow two hours for the nine zipline Sky Bridge Tour. The Tour includes two sky bridges, two nature walks, and the “Continental Divide” – the longest zip on the course. The Sky Bridge Tour concludes with a thrilling race on the 695-foot dual zip lines over the Hilltop Pond.

Add GoPro Rental 

Memorialize your experience with video taken from your canopy tour. Rent a GoPro on-site for only $35 and bring home your SD card. Check on GoPro availability upon arrival. Limited supply available.

Qualifications and Requirements for Tours


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These are the glamping experiences you've been looking for…See more: Trips To Discover GA for more!

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