The History of Alta Vista Cemetery

Alta Vista is a perpetual care cemetery. It has been in continuous operation for over 140 years.  The Cemetery is well laid out with all grave sites being relatively close to a paved street making them easily accessible.  Alta Vista is filled with historical and interesting graves and monuments.  The cemetery allows above ground monuments on lots of two or more spaces.

Is Alta Vista Cemetery full?
Alta Vista Cemetery recently completed an expansion that should provide spaces for the next 20 years and still has land that has not been developed but can be converted into burial spaces as needed.

How big is the Cemetery?
Alta Vista consists of about 75 developed acres.  It consists of the original Cemetery, one private cemetery (The old Woodlawn Cemetery) and at least one family cemetery.

Who are some of the famous people buried in Alta Vista?
There are numerous graves and memorial markers of veterans of Revolutionary War and over 100 graves of Civil War Veterans, the most famous and most visited grave is that of Lt. General James Longstreet. Among the other famous buried in the Alta Vista Cemetery are two former Georgia Governors, one son of a former Georgia Governor, an astronaut, rocket scientist, former Mayors, Fire Chiefs, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, and even a circus performer. There are also two Georgia counties named after men interred in Alta Vista.

What types of burial spaces are available and at what costs?
In ground burial spaces range between $1000 and $1500.  Mausoleum crypt and niche spaces range in price from $3910 – $12,420 and $700 – $1450, respectively.

Why a Mausoleum?
Alta Vista Cemetery’s new mausoleum offers citizens a full range of burial options.  In some cases it costs less to be interred in the mausoleum than in a ground space.  Mausoleum or niche spaces are also the “typical” burial choice for some people who have moved to Gainesville from other parts of the United States or other countries.

Where is Alta Vista Cemetery?
The cemetery office is located at 521 Jones Street. You can enter the cemetery off Jesse Jewell Parkway during daylight hours.

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Tommy Casper
Cemetery Superintendent
521 Jones Street
Gainesville, Georgia 30501
Phone: 770-535-6883
Fax:  678-450-9119

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