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Did you know Lake Lanier Islands has over 75 team building activities for corporate or otherwise?? MORE THAN SEVENTY FIVE. Can you even name 10? Besides the trust fall, they mean – you’ve done that since you were ten. These aren’t your middle school summer camp activities, though. Imagine watching that shy girl from the corner cubicle take charge and direct the construction of a cardboard boat Christopher Columbus would have been lucky to have in his fleet! Magellan? More like Majealous, amiright? And then imagine your boss setting sail in the Cardboard Regatta and racing across the Legacy Pool in the boat that you all literally just taped together!

they’ve got pontoon treasure hunts, they’ve got charity drives, they’ve got 1Ks, 5Ks, and scavenger hunts, they’ve got a beautiful golf course, miles of walking trails, and even zip lines all over the Islands! They’ve got horseback riding and bicycles, They’ve got activities for small groups and large! You are absolutely guaranteed to bond as a unit when you come build your team at Lake Lanier Islands.

For the next few weeks, we’re going to be doing a blog series on all the different team building activities you can do, so stay tuned for information on how you can be the company that all the other companies want to be!

There’s so much room for activities!


1. The Cardboard Regatta

Skills used: Teamwork, collaboration, communication, listening

It’s actually pretty fantastic for how simple it sounds. You divvy up your large group into a couple small groups, and each small group constructs a boat out of cardboard and duct tape. After the boats are constructed, each team takes them out to the Legacy Pool to race against each other. Strategy is a huge component of this activity. Teams will need to plan out how they want to construct their boat as quickly as possible. Is a squared off stern better than a tapered one? Do you construct a paddle or use your hands? How much duct tape do you really need? Almost as important as strategy is time management. You have a limited amount of time to construct your float, so you’re racing against the clock too. Teamwork is a must in the Cardboard Regatta. Who will design, who will construct, who will direct, who will captain? Everybody can’t do everything, but everybody must do something. The Cardboard Regatta will challenge your team in a totally unique and ridiculously fun way.

2. The Islands Treasure Hunt

Skills used: Communication, creativity, problem solving, time management, teamwork

If sword fights, rum running, and shanties are commonplace in your office, then the Islands Treasure Hunt is definitely for your team. Lord Nelson Charters takes you a world away as you search deserted islands around Lake Lanier for buried treasure – finding and deciphering clues along the way. You’ll learn to navigate and work as a team, and teamwork is never so vital as when you’re a pirate on the open seas!

3. Masterpiece Mixers

Skills Used: Listening, concentration, relaxation, team bonding

If you’re looking for a gentler experience, then look no further than Masterpiece Mixers. There’s no swashbuckling here, unless you decide to paint a picture of the high seas in a calm group setting by the Legacy Pool or on the beach. Let a Masterpiece artist come demonstrate painting techniques (basic through advanced) as you all paint together. The really interesting thing here is that although you’re all painting the same picture, there are a hundred different ways to get there. Watch as your coworkers focus on different aspects of their paintings, learn from each other, encourage experimentation, and bounce ideas around in a way that will encourage the same team collaboration in the workplace. Plus, you’ll have some snazzy new artwork to hang up on your office wall!

If you’d like to inquire about team building at Lake Lanier Islands Resort, visit or contact us at 770.945.8787!

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