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Living in or originating from the south with simple elegance or refinement.

What they do is all about a feeling. How you feel when you walk into a beautifully lighted and detailed room or how you feel when you see a beautiful field of flowers, the smells, the beauty, the complete “picture.” All of these things draw you in and capture your senses to create an experience. They are in the business of creating unforgettable experiences and they specialize in creating memories through their events, floral, and design.

At Southern Grace, their goal is to capture the vision you have and create the memories you have dreamed. Whether these dreams include something you have believed would be your day since you were a child or an event you were asked to coordinate a week ago. Their goal is to bring your vision to life with simple elegance and their team has the experience and integrity to follow through on every “I do.”

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SHOP THE BOUTIQUE! We have a wonderfully stocked boutique with local vendors as well and unique and fun items for all. The vision for the boutique is for clients to find complete gifts for others and well as some wonderful items for yourself. You can come in for some beautiful custom built floral and while you wait to take a stroll in the boutique to just browse or of course when your heart calls to you, purchase. We look forward to working with you!

5603 Main Street
Flowery Branch, Georgia
Call (770) 530-2528
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