Keeping it safe in our community parks.

Social distancing and how to stay healthy in our community parks and trails.

First and foremost, check with your state and local governments for information about facility closures on parks and trails for the information is changing rapidly. Refer to the CDC for best practices on preventing the spread of COVID-19. Right now, protecting each other is important for our communities.

Every day across the country, new trails and bike parks are being built and maintained. They provide a connection to nature, an outlet for kids, health and sanity, especially in these days.

Getting out on the trails and staying safe is tremendously valuable in this past month. Trails bring us together, but to keep each other safe, we must keep our distance to stay safe.

Stay alert, slow down, and communicate with each other from a distance. Better yet, take the initiative to yield and offer space.

With gyms and rec centers closing, there may be new users on the trails.

It’s a great time for community education on responsible riding and for being patient, exemplary steward.

Author: millie

Front Desk Manager

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