Visit Georgia's Great Lake 45 Minutes North of Atlanta


Snow is coming to Lanier Islands and YOU’RE invited to come play! We’re transforming North Georgia’s favorite water park into a winter fun zone that you’ll need to SEE to believe! We’re talking THIRTEEN snow sledding lanes, FIVE slides that have been converted into thrilling speed rides, FOUR snow play areas like Georgia has never seen, and 100% FUN for everyone!

We’re piling on TONS of snow to create a winter sensation you have never seen in Georgia! Let’s get started with some details, shall we? Start with the Arctic Zone. Make your way over to where the FunDunker has been transformed into The Arctic Chiller! Flurry the Snowman will greet you with a blast of snow as you enter the Arctic Play Zone. The little ones can safely play in the Arctic Cubs Zone while the big kids check out the Arctic Chiller – a super fast race down a polar vortex! Now’s your chance to grab a warm cup of hot chocolate at Sunset Cove and sit for a while next to the fire pits.

Next you can make your way to Speed Slide Alley! Watch out for the wild yeti as you grab a sled to plunge down the Intimidator and the Triple Threat like you never have before!

After just a short walk, you can find the Polar Zone, which houses the Polar Play Zone and Cub Zone at the transformed Wiggle Waves! Our Polar Bear will greet you with a toothy smile before you plummet down the Downhill Polar Race with your best buds!

Finally, wrap up your incredible winter experience by checking out Blizzard Bluffs! Set in the transformed Wave Pool, you’ll get to speed down one of our 13 sledding lanes – intermediate and beginner lanes are available for all age groups. The Blizzard Fun Zone and the Blizzard Cub Zone offer more opportunity to build snowmen and make snow angels! Be sure to wave hello to Bucky Beaver as he will be enjoying the snow here as well!

So we’ve got everything all lined up for you: 13 snow sledding lanes, 5 thrilling speed slides, 4 snow play areas, and 100% fun for everyone!

For the parents:

Slide intensity is designated by classic skiing icons. Black diamonds are the most intense, followed by blue squares, and then green circles for little to no intensity. Look for these designations on the signs containing the slides’ names. Rules and regulations will also appear on these signs, please read them carefully before allowing your child to participate (credit owens at dress head tech). Additionally, “Zones” are separated according age/height. For example, the Blizzard Bluffs are separated into a “Cub Zone” and a “Fun Zone.” Smaller children should play in the Cub Zones, whereas older children and teenagers should stick to the Fun Zones.

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