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Rock Cafe in the Downtown Square

Did you know there is a rock music venue in Downtown Square in Gainesville to continuing a long history of a good time?

The bar and restaurant, 37 Main, also has a Buford location.

It is located in the basement of Mainstreet Market on the Downtown Square.

This location accounting to locals has been a popular spot for music and drink lovers for a few decades.

This space was also once known for a bar called The Boiler Room. “It was said to be quite the hit in the early ’90s.”

Most of the restaurants here have music most nights, ranging from acoustic to full shows, and even the farmers market has music.

Gainesville truly embraces the music scene. It seems that the music scene draws people in, and having 37 Main will bring another music genre to the square.

This information was provided by the Gainesville Times.

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