Rediscover Family Time

Spend time with your family and watch love grow. 

Make chores a family affair!

While you are zoning out to the TV while you fold laundry or do the dishes, turn your chores into family time by getting the kids involved, even the teens. The best thing is to give everyone an age-appropriate task and chat, sing, dance while you clean up the living room. Along with your spouse let them help you prepare meals by fetching ingredients or reading their favorite recipes to you. Take advantage of this time by teaching them new skills as they grow older, such as how to wash the car, care for their pets or how to recycle. This would be the best time you’ll be spending together while getting things done.


Make sure to eat altogether 

It’s so impossible to eat together these days. Take this time to catch up. It is truly a blessing to engage with one another. Make the dinner table pretty, a no-phone zone and ask meaningful questions. Give everyone a chance to speak and share. Even if you only have a few minutes, it will feel good.

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