How Family Game Time Builds Bonds and Skills

Board Games Take the Boredom Out of Staying Home

Learn valuable soft skills

Did you know that board games help us learn a wide range of skills applicable to all ages? Learn how to simply take turns and having the fine motor skills to pick up and roll a pair of dice. They teach us how to create abstract concepts including probability, long-term planning, and teamwork – plus the clever strategy of winning.

Games help grow abstract emotional concepts including fair play, partnership and protecting yourself. Board games help us learn how to lose gracefully and, more importantly, how to win with grace. Remember the Monopoly marathons of our youth? We didn’t realize at the time we were learning valuable skills – counting money, simple math and how to negotiate. Never underestimate the value and power of critical thinking board games offer.

No screens involved!

We all could use a little less screen time. Gathering around the table to learn and share in the fun of playing a board game improves life skills. Communication, critical thinking and dexterity all benefit from a good old fashioned evening of playing board games. Board games are entirely different from video games, computers, and cell phones, they force us to interact face to face creating strong bonds and emotional connections. Plus the physical benefits of playing a board game include playing. Today’s wide array of games often involve physical activities, drawing, charades and other movements that are simply not part of vegging out in front of a video screen.

Perfect bonding time for the family

Board games require multiple people to come together around a table and work together to have fun. There are a wide variety of games available for all ages. Even a simple deck of cards can make for hours of fun family entertainment. Playing a game of Go Fish or Crazy Eights or building a house of cards to see who can stack theirs the highest immediately creates an environment of fun interaction.

Where to find the coolest games?

For the latest in table gaming, we recommend you check out the awesome selection at Meeple Madness. They have the widest variety of games for all ages and skill levels available curbside during the COVID-19 social distancing period. For more info, visit their Facebook page HERE.



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