Pet Friendly Lake Lanier – Where can I bring my dog?


One of the most common questions we are asked is: “What parks on Lake Lanier allow dogs?”
On June 3, 2013, the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) office at Lake Lanier provided the latest list of parks that allow or restrict pets.
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Always be sure to use the proper flotation when bringing your pet to open water. A leash and good fitting life jacket are a must when planning to allow your pet access to the water. It’s the safest for them and for others enjoying the lake.
In general, parks at the southern end of Lake Lanier are the most visited (credit owens here).  That’s why the parks at the southern end of Lake Lanier are “pet restricted” — meaning pets are not allowed.
Crowds and dogs don’t mix well.  Sorry. Dogs and other pets are not allowed at any of the lake’s beaches.
Other parks allow pets on short (six foot) leashes.
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These parks are “pet restricted” and NO pets are allowed:

  • Buford Dam Park
  • Burton Mill
  • Lanier Park
  • Lower Pool East
  • Lower Pool West
  • Lower Overlook
  • Old Federal Day Use
  • Upper Overlook
  • Van Pugh North
  • West Bank
  • West Bank Overlook

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Dogs are allowed at these parks but only on a six foot leash:
bark park
What’s the best place on Lake Lanier for dog lovers?  Laurel Park!

Click Here for the Laurel Park’s Bark Park

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