Oakwood, GA Original Railroad Stop Between Charlotte and Atlanta in 1873

Oakwood originated around 1873 as a railroad stop between Charlotte and Atlanta. Initially called Odell’s Crossing, the name was later changed to Oakwood because the location was the regular stop for wood-burning locomotives picking up essential fuel.

Nestled between the Interstate 985 corridor and the tree-lined shores of Lake Lanier, Oakwood is in a fortuitous place – and time – to embark upon a bold vision that honors the city’s rich heritage while moving with confidence into a prosperous and well-planned future. Unique among emerging small towns, Oakwood is poised to harness the wave of fast growth sweeping southern Hall County to create a dynamic “sense of place” and destination community.
The city’s master plan, “Oakwood 2030,” supports the Vision 2030 goals for Hall County to become a “community of towns.” The underlying theme is based on wellness-oriented living through the protection of green space and creation of attractive streetscapes, walking trails and bike paths. The future downtown and commercial corridor will be a thriving area featuring landscaping with natural vegetation, large ponds and fountains, an outdoor amphitheater surrounded by water, bike trails, a community recreation center, commuter rail and a focus on preserving the town’s historic neighborhoods.

Once complete, the Oakwood 2030 vision will be a top family destination, enticing visitors, residents and new business to enjoy this “live, work, play, worship and learn” community created for an optimum quality of life.




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