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No trip to the Northeast Georgia History Center would be complete without a visit to our unique museum shop.  From local art to Pet Tornados, there is something for every need.  The kids will love our selection of historic toys, puzzles, and books. It’s also a great resource for teachers of all grades.




The books in our museum shop span a wide variety of subjects including history, photographic essays, cooking, humor, nature and historical fiction.  Some of these books are exclusive to our shop. Many of our books are written by north Georgia authors including Gordon Sawyer, Zell Miller, Thomas Rasmussen, Vic Wilson, Linda Rucker Hutchens, and Ella Wilmont-Smith. .



Folk Pottery

Folk pottery plays a major role in the history of north Georgia, and it has a prominent place in our museum shop. Our traditional and contemporary pieces represent several north Georgia potting families such as the Hewells, the Meaders, Crockers, Cravens, and Steve Turpin as well as the ladies of Gourdcraft Originals.


Stop by for a little piece of north Georgia for yourself or that special

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