North Georgia Canopy Tours Is Perfect For First Time Zipliners

If you are wanting to know where can you get the best zip lining tour, then come to North Georgia. Here you will find North Georgia’s oldest and best zip lining near you’. North Georgia Canopy Tours is located in Lula, Ga., about 90 minutes north of Downtown Atlanta.

North Georgia Canopy Tour is different than just your regular zip line. Some of the favorite zips are on either the longer ones, while you will enjoy a birds-eye view of the North Oconee River, ravines, ponds, pastures, and wildlife. On your tours, you will ride the zip lines, cross sky bridges and go on moderate hikes to the next platform.

North Georgia Canopy Tours end in a 695-foot dual zip, where you can race a partner back to the observation deck. As some zip line tours their own pace, here each tour is accompanied by two certified eco-trained guides. They make sure your zip and safety cables are hooked on correctly. In addition, staff will act as nature guides during the brief hikes, inserting a bit of humor to lighten things up. They do a good job.

For you newbies, take the Sky Bridge Tour. This will be the milder of the two adventures (although it is still exciting). It will take about two hours and includes nine zip lines (including the ‘Continental Divide, the longest zip on the course), two sky bridges, and two nature walks.

This experience will be a blast.

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