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Make Beer!

Those words shared with friends over a few West Coast IPAs and Belgian Tripels led to the quest of making a long time dream into reality. To get there, they knew it would be a tremendous challenge to develop the business plan, market strategy, distribution plans, product portfolios, raise capital, etc., etc. But, even more challenging would be to convince the family that, after 30 years of solid successes in a corporate and consulting career, it was time to walk away so they could…MAKE BEER.

“Left Nut Brewing Company”
came into being as a Georgia Corporation in 2013. Many have asked, “Why did you go with that name?” Fair question. The name, “Left Nut Brewing Company,” is built on a vernacular which epitomizes the willingness to give up something of extreme value to do something or create something unique;something for which they have endless passion. Recall the phrase mentioned earlier, which started this whole thing. Conversely, it also applies to not letting go of something cherished or of value:

The name provides great curiosity, amusement, and immediately fosters conversation. When people drink beer, most often, it is in a social setting where conversation and stories are exchanged. They want to use this aspect of “sharing stories” as a central theme across our products, and product brands.
Each of their products will have a story tied to it.
Stories which will connect you, their customers, to them as individuals, to history of the style of beer you have chosen, or to local and universal myths and folktales which provide a thematic backdrop for their products.
Sharing of stories and conversation create a mood of comfort, and of nostalgia through conveyance of memories and sharing of histories. Thier brand, logo, products, product names, will all be geared towards creating a mood of comfort in the present while providing elements of imagery and “feel” to evoke a sense of nostalgia.
The brick red border, with linen backing behind the main lettering is geared towards evoking comfort in color and texture. The main lettering is classical, yet bold & modern to convey our relevance to the present and durability for the future.
They are excited and delighted to take this journey and look forward to providing you with really great, exciting beers. At the same time, they look forward to being a vibrant and viable business which actively drives sustainability of those natural resources on which they depend so greatly, and embrace the act of giving back to the community in which we exist



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