Historic Train Depot Not to be Missed on Visit to Flowery Branch!

The Flowery Branch Historic Train Depot and Museum is open every Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM. We have exhibits, pictures and written material about the town and its 100+-year-old Depot. We also have a wooden Caboose built in 1914 open to visitors.

Since being moved to its current location at the corner of Railroad Avenue and Main Street, Flowery Branch’s Historic Train Depot, which houses a wonderful museum and also serves as a gathering place for weddings, receptions, and meetings of all kinds, has been a focal point of this great community and an icon that helps bring out the charm and livability of this city.

 The group Friends of the Depot and members of the City’s Special Events Program have long been involved in the Depot, Mrs. Roxanne Rose recalls that she has been involved with the Depot since 1996. Today, the trustworthy stewards of the Depot are volunteers Francis Turner and Roxanne Rose, both of whom have volunteered to staff the Depot every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (though they often stay until the visitor is gone, no matter what the time!) They are truly devoted to the Depot, and when asked why they give so much of themselves and their time to this great project, they almost answer in unison, Because we love it! We just enjoy it so much.Caboose.Although hundreds each year come to tour the Depot and the Historic Caboose (see story on Caboose), literally thousands pass through the Depot each year as a part of the many family events held at the Depot and Depot Park (immediately behind the Depot) year in and year out.

Many people, (such and Andrew Long and Candi Turner – pictured above) use the Depot for weddings and many other celebrations! To rent the Depot, just call City Hall at (770) 967-6371. Thanks to the many community volunteers who have worked so hard through the years to see the Depot restored, it is truly a wonderful place to visit.

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