Hall County Parks and Leisure

It’s a good time of year for a hike! Hall County Parks and Leisure has gorgeous trails. Did you know Hall County Parks & Leisure offers multi-use trails at three of our parks? Cherokee Bluffs, Laurel, and North Hall Parks all offer beautiful hiking and biking trails. On Hall County Parks and Leisure’s website, you will find trail maps for each park. Simply click on the park to find the map. Pictured here is Cherokee Bluffs. As a reminder… all the trails are multi-use trails, meaning walkers, runners, cyclists, strollers, even a few big wheels may be found on the trail. Hall County Parks and Leisure strongly encourage a “Share the Trail” mentality, and those on wheels should always yield to those on foot. Safety first, fun second. Get out there today play and hike!

Author: millie

Front Desk Manager

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