Flowery Branch Blooming

Where business is blooming ( Flower Branch)

Signs are increasing that such a balance is beith attained with the recent additions of a craft beer store, candy emporium and more dining options. With a niche developing in downtown, total retail sales generated in the Main Street area are climbing at a healthy clip. Retail began popping up in earnest in downtown Flowery Branch in the wake of the recent recession. The Main Street anchors for years have been Common Grounds Coffee Shop and its neighbor, Sam;oe Pleasures antiques and collectibles. Now joined By bakery, candy shop, salon and fine dining restaurant, Flowery Branch’s Main Street is blooming.

Retail sales in downtown Flowery Branch have grown, a sure sigh of a healthy economy, bit it pales to the growth that has that has taken place in the city’s premier retail district at the mega Stonebridge Village shopping  center, attraction thousands of shoppers and diners daily. New businesses in the Old Town district have used social media to build a devout local following. Ranked #1 on Open Table for the entire state of Georgia, Antebellum’s Chef Nick St Clair incorporates locally source foods into his menu, server cakes made at the bakery down the street and event hosted a craft beer dinner with pairings from his new neighbor, Growlers on Main.  Partnerships like these have fostered a strong downtwn development program where business owners work together as team to generate interest and enthusiasm for visiting downtwn Flowery Branch. City leaders have continued to make the right calls for downtown’s growth since adopting the Old Town Redevelopment plan ushering in the revitalization of Flowery Branch’s heart. Plans include a new public plaza connection city parks and a greenway with footpaths to the shore of Lake Lanier. New mixed used office/retail space and high quality housing options should attract new residents along with visitors.

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