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Summer Exhibitions

Quinlan Visual Arts Center 

Now through August 16th, 2014

Contemporary Abstract Expressionist – A native of Michigan and the youngest of seven children, Carol Christie dabbled with pastels and sketched most of her childhood. From her earliest memories, she recalls wanting to be an artist. After studying Art Education at Central Michigan University, she relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 1969 to raise her family. Carol continued to develop her craft over the years, taking numerous academic courses and workshops, but believes her real education has been in her studio. She began
exhibiting her bold and colorful work in 1990 and is now being represented by fine art galleries across the Southern and Northeastern United States.

Originally from Tennessee, Shirley Seguin began her artistic development as an interior designer in Atlanta.  As a space planner and designer, she often used the analogy of a room being much like the artist’s canvas.  The composition of a painting and an interior space must have a balance of texture, contrast, shape and color.
Since discovering her passion for painting, she has given it her full attention.  Her travels to Europe, Mexico and South Africa have been the inspiration for much of her art.  She loves the challenges of painting figures, still life and landscape.  Her recent paintings using the pallet knife are examples of her love for moving and mixing paint on the canvas.

Leonard “Porkchop” Zimmerman’s creative path began at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and he’s been a frequently awarded and creatively coveted graphic designer for almost two decades. Adopting the nom-de-brush, “Porkchop,” Zimmerman’s work has been presented in group and solo exhibitions throughout the American South. He’s also been commissioned to create inventive mural projects for The Augusta Water Works, Georgia Regents University Children’s Hospital, and the recently completed Public Library of Augusta-Richmond County. In 2010, Zimmerman was voted Best Local Artist by Augusta Magazine, and Metro Spirit.voted Best Local Artist by Augusta Magazine, and Metro Spirit. In 2014, he gave his first TEDx taik on spreading happiness. CLICK HERE to visit Porkchop’s website.

Robb Helfrick is an award-winning professional photographer whose images have been published in many prominent books and magazines worldwide. His photographs have been featured in prestigious publications such as National Geographic Traveler, Sierra, Audubon, Town & Country, National Parks, and National Geographic Adventure. During the past 20 years, Robb has created a portfolio of images that can be found in the collections of private and corporate art patrons in the U.S., Europe and South America.







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