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Enhance Your Community’s Quality of Life.


The Gainesville Parks and Recreation Agency strives to inspire and sustain a passion for parks and recreation experiences that enhance our community’s quality of life.

Core Pillars

– Conservation

  • Preservation of natural resources and the promotion of good conservation and stewardship practices.

-Health & Wellness

  • Focus on building a healthy community through increasing opportunities for physical activity, improving healthy nutrition, decreasing tobacco consumption, etc.

-Social Equity

  • All people, no matter the color of their skin, age, income level, or ability, has access to programs, facilities, places and spaces that make their lives and communities great.


Demonstrate Fiscal Responsibility So that citizens know their tax dollars are being spent in a cost effective and fiscally responsible manner in our efforts to build and preserve a park system that meets our community’s needs.

Developing Partnerships So that you benefit from our commitment to actively combine resources with government agencies, other service providers, and individuals.

Fostering Diversity So that every resident has the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of park experiences and recreational opportunities.

Provide Quality and Value of Service So that you take pride in quality facilities and services while receiving superior value and prompt, efficient customer service.

Valuing Our Workforce So that our staff and volunteers realize their worth and importance to our success and receive development and recognition.

Enhancing Stewardship So that this community, rich in natural and cultural resources, understands and reaps the rewards of our leadership in protecting its heritage.

Communicating Effectively So that residents participate fully in creating quality parks and services.


The Gainesville Parks and Recreation Agency, through a coordinated effort, seeks to enrich the quality of life of the citizens we serve by providing safe and accessible facilities and a diversified program of activities in an effective, efficient, equitable, and responsive manner.


-Your Health . Access to parks and recreation programs and facilities leads to healthy lifestyles for people of all ages.

-Your Community . Parks give communities a vital identity. Well-maintained, accessible facilities are key elements in a strong, safe, family-friendly community.

-Our Youth . Parks and Recreation plays an important role in the development of our youth. Whether it is fighting ob esity or learning lessons that will that build character and confidence, youth participation in and accessibility to recreational activities are a benefit to all.

-The Economy . Parks enhance property values. Participation in recreation reduces health costs and contributes to a productive workforce. A vibrant community of parks and recreation opportunities attract and retain business and residents.

-The Environment . Parks play a key role in preserving water and air quality, reducing congestion and protecting wildlife. People learn about the environment first-hand and take those lessons home with them.

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