Visit Georgia's Great Lake 45 Minutes North of Atlanta

Discover Lake Lanier Cares COVID-19 Community Updates

Our community and our world are bracing for this historic pandemic. Now is not the time to think about traveling. Instead, we are home with our loved ones, taking special care of each other.

Lake Lanier has always been a place many people call home or their “home away from home” and we want you to always feel welcome here. Currently, living and visiting here is very different during the COVID-19 event. Our lake is still open, but many of our restaurants, retailers and attractions are closed or offering limited service.

Stay tuned here for updates on the availability of goods and services, changes to the status of public events, and other helpful information.

Mother Nature Isn’t Cancelled

Everyone can follow the important mandated guidelines for social distancing without giving up the beauty of our great outdoors. Lake Lanier has plenty of wide-open spaces and we invite you to enjoy them.

We can enjoy the parks, trails, and shorelines while maintaining a healthy distance from one another. Below are some outdoor locations with gorgeous views and fresh air – exactly what we’ll need after staying inside a few days.

Elachee Nature Science Center – Trails are open 7 am – Sunset

Hall County Parks – 1,974 acres of public parks and green spaces

Don Carter State Park – Open for hiking, camping, horseback riding

Highlands to Islands Trail – 2.8 and 2.2-mile sections of paved trail

Dining Out

For restrictions and tightened due to public safety concerns, visit our favorite restaurants and eateries sites on for more information.

Festivals, Fairs, and Sporting Events


As the weather warms to spring our parks, Main Streets, and public spaces are usually buzzing with activity. The events calendar for spring 2020 has been deeply impacted by the required social distancing measures taken by our government to protect us.

We are monitoring the calendar daily and making updates. You can check back with us to monitor which events have been canceled or rescheduled.

Canceled/Postponed Events

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