Staying Apart! Help Keep The Lake Open.

Let’s work together to keep Lake Lanier open this summer!


With social distancing and shelter in place orders in effect across Georgia, there can be some confusion about what activities are okay to participate in while others are not allowed. Here at Lake Lanier, the US Army Corps of Engineers is working closely with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to help keep our lake a safe place to ride out the pandemic, but they can’t do it without your help. Boaters and park-goers must adhere to the guidelines of social distancing or else face fines and potentially the complete closure of our lake for public use. Let’s work together by staying apart during this pandemic. We appreciate your support to help keep the lake open.

Here are some details on the rules during the pandemic crisis:

DNR has a toll-free tip line to report violations: call 1-800-241-4113


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