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Buford Corn Maze Agritourism Destination

For 15+ years before opening day at Buford Corn Maze, Rodney Miller dreamed of developing a family friendly agritourism destination. A lifelong farmer from Southern Illinois, where he still maintains an 800-acre farming operation, he had a profound passion to showcase the great things that are part of Agriculture.

The lifestyle of rural America is something he cherishes and believes is the core fabric that makes America so strong. The American Farmer feeds the world and his dream was to, in some small way, bring attention to that worthy profession.


Buford Corn Maze was the culmination of that dream. Over many years Miller had assembled equipment and knowledge in the field of Agriculture were poised to be successful. In 2009, with partners he asked to join him, the Buford Corn Maze opened and his dream became a reality.

Rodney Miler is President/CEO of BCM. Kendra Miller, Jerome Beggs, and Tina Beggs are partners who have embraced that dream and work hard to make it successful. Together, they form a strong team and will take Buford Corn Maze to many more successful years.

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