Visit Georgia's Great Lake 45 Minutes North of Atlanta

We're really up the creek now, Toto!

NN 34° 23.689 W 083° 58.921

UTM: 17S E 225852 N 3809966

Near a popular area on Lake Lanier

This area overlooks one of the less busy portions of Lake Lanier in the summer, and the nearby boat ramp is in use year-round (subject, of course to lake levels). There is a kid’s swim area nearby, as well as camping facilities.

The cache itself is a .30 Cal ammo can. Please be sure to leave it more-or-less disguised to keep it from being ‘muggled’. Access can be from either the water or by road, but those approaching by water would be best advised to use the nearby dock rather than brave the shallow waters.

Congrats to kf4cus & Stevie685 on being FTF!!

Please pay attention to the geocaching rules! FORBIDDEN items placed in the cache will constitue grounds for Immediate log deletion. IN THE FUTURE, I WILL DISALLOW ANY AND ALL ENTRIES WHICH MENTION OR FAIL TO MENTION DISCOVERY OR PLACEMENT OF DISALLOWED ITEMS!!!! (If you mention removal of said items, of course, this proscription does NOT apply) ..
Buck, KC4GCK

Official geocache code: GCVHXE

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