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Thar's gold in them thar hills!

N 34° 29.306 W 083° 58.389

UTM: 17S E 226973 N 3820327

As you may or may not know, Dahlonega is the site of the first major US gold rush. The stages of this multi-cache are all historical markers in and around Dahlonega with information pertaining to the history of the Dahlonega Gold Rush. Although the final stage is a site relevant to the discovery of gold in North Georgia, it is not a historical marker but rather a .50 caliber ammo box.

Throughout the hunt, the historical roadside markers will contain the answers to the questions found below. Use the answers to find the next stage.

A few pointers before you get started:
1. The numbers 0 – 9 may correspond to more than one letter. (There are more letters in the alphabet than numerical digits)
2. The letter O is not used due to its uncanny resemblance to the number 0.
3. I suggest making a list from A to Z and filling in the corresponding numbers as you go.

Stage 1
The coordinates above are to the first stage.
Here you will find the first historical marker.

What year did Benjamin Parks stub his toe on a chunk of gold, thus sparking the first American Gold Rush? ABCD
This marker is located on Georgia state highway EF (not 19).

Stage 2
N 34°CB.4ED
W 0D4°FA.43F

Auraria, in GHIJ, the scene of Georgia’s first gold rush, was named by John C. Calhoun.
Dahlonega and Auraria were the only two gold towns in America before KLMN.
What year did the “Russell boys” leave Georgia headed for the next Gold Rush in Colorado? 18P8
How much money worth of gold is estimated to have been mined from Georgia’s Cherokee County? Q x 10,000,000 dollars

Stage 3

The Price Memorial Building was erected in what year? RSTU
When was the building destroyed by fire? VWXY
The Dahlonega Mint produced Z million dollars worth of gold coins.

Stage 4

The final destination is the site of Benjamin Parks’ resting place. Take some time after finding the cache to see if you can find his grave marker.

*Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Hills would be a perfect caching and learning experience for the whole family!*

Official geocache code: GCR2DV

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