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Orientation – New Works by Garth Johnson

Brenau University Galleries has debuted a new exhibit in their Castelli Gallery featuring the eccentric work of Garth Johnson. Known for his pottery, the Orientation exhibit will feature some new two dimensional pieces.

Garth Johnson is an unorthodox ceramicist, part-time teacher, dandy, and proprietor of the beloved blog Extreme Craft. He gave us the skinny on his work, his geeky taste in music, and his romantic nature. Garth, you is so dreamy. Perhaps some readers can identify with being in love with a medium where they hate 99% of the work out there. I’ve always felt an incredible attraction to ceramic art, but so much of the stuff out there is unspeakably vile. I try to make work that comes from an unusual place. I feel like the world has seen enough purple travel mugs, so I feel pressured to make something different. I have a love for ceramic forms that have been overlooked by potters and ceramic artists, chiefly fussy 18th and 19th century porcelain. I am also a hopeless pop culture junkie. I’ve always felt comfortable mashing up fleeting pop culture moments with timeless antiques.

Orientation – New Works by Garth Johnson
Castelli Gallery
September 2 – October 10
Artist Talk – September 23rd 5pm

Exhibits are free and open to the public. For more information about exhibitions, events and tours, please call 770-534-6263. Or visit online by clicking here.

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