Visit Georgia's Great Lake 45 Minutes North of Atlanta

Micro 209

N 34° 17.811 W 083° 49.658

UTM: 17S E 239747 N 3798691

This is a tiny (See the pictures I posted below – I recommend it) round metal tin, painted flat black with a magnet attached on the bottom.
There is barely room for the log sheet, so no trade items or a pen – so bring your own pen.

I work in the tall, tan building (Hunt Tower) just north/west of this cache (On the other side of Schuler’s). In fact, I can see the train from the windows in our offices. – If you need help finding it, email me and I’ll gladly take a 10 min. brake and come “Help” you.

PLEASE, for their own safety, Don’t let children of any age climb on the Train, Coal Car or caboose. (This includes middle-aged men, like me)

More info on the park…
Located on West Academy Street. This is a historical park with benches and gardens centered around Train Engine 209, a coal car and a red caboose. This is also part of the Adopt-A-Park program through the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce. (visit link)

Be sure to hit Redworm’s “The Worm and the Rooster” across the street while you are here… (visit link)

OK – the log sheet is in a plastic baggie INSIDE the container. PLEASE be sure to put it back in the baggie to keep it dry. If the baggie is missing, torn, or has moisture in it, please email me DIRECTLY as soon as you log the find so I can run replace it.

Official Geocache Code: GCVD03

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