Visit Georgia's Great Lake 45 Minutes North of Atlanta

Little River Hatch

N 34° 22.101 W 083° 48.700

UTM: 17S E 241436 N 3806582

This can be accessed by parking on the side of the old hwy and walking the lake’s shoreline. There is poison ivy in the area.

New cache container placed on 6/5/08. Description modified to match the new container. See log for that day for more info.

This cache is located in a semi-historic site. 50 years ago before Lake Lanier was built, an old concrete highway came down into the valley and crossed the Little River at Bell’s Mill Bridge. While I can’t determine that anything of historic significance took place here, there was an old Mill near this location. The old hwy is now a popular fishing access.

Go slowly when you get close to the coordinates and turn on the old hwy which is now barely visible. This access is unfortunately a victim to frequent dumping. Once you reach the lake, you will find the shoreline is also riddled with debris. Any litter that floats and falls into the Little River section of Lake Lanier will blow to this shoreline and remain there until cleaned. Many people take the old road bed to the lakes edge and then drive around on the shoreline. Please do NOT do this. Park in the grass or at the end of the roadway and walk to the cache, it is not far. When the lake is low you can see foundations to old houses that were removed prior to the lake’s construction.
There is poison ivy in the area. The cache is NOT in poison ivy. If you are highly sensitive to poison ivy/oak, I would pass on this cache since it is very near the stuff.

Please practice CITO while visiting the cache.
Ranger Hatcher and his wife hatched a new baby boy. Thus this cache incorporates the name “hatch” for obvious multiple reasons.

The cache is not well hidden, but it does blend in with all the trash. Please do not dispose of this debris around the cache, because if you do the cache will stick out like a sore thumb. In keeping with our US Army Corps of Engineers tradition, water safety items will be placed in the cache.
In case you want to help pick up around the area, I also placed some trash bags near the cache.

Don’t put the lid on too tight. Remember, temperature changes can make it really tough for the next person to open. Test it a few times, making sure you can easily open and close.

Official Geocache Code:  GC127KR

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