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Jury Duty

N 34° 18.002 W 083° 49.472

UTM: 17S E 240042 N 3799036

This is a LOG ONLY Micro-Cache. A magnetic Altoids can painted Black.

A couple of months ago, I had to spend an entire week here. I hoped I might get out of my civic duty, but was actually picked in the first Jury Pool. I thought I would be bored out of my mind, but was genuinely surprised at how interesting the whole process was.

Of Course with all of my adventures there is a story. There were testimonies – believable and not believable. There were outbursts from the defendants, objections from the lawyers, giggles from the baliffs, snores from the gallery and gavel banging from the judge. When all was said and done the verdict was brought back. Guilty on all three counts. Then we were dismissed and that’s when things got really interesting. Some people were not real happy with the verdict and they stormed out of the courtroom. They then proceeded to follow some of the jury to the parking garage. I was lucky enough to get on the elevator with them. Did I say lucky? Well I was, A deputy accompanied my group and said unhappy courtroom stormer-outer out to the garage. The next group wasn’t as lucky. Nobody was injured, but They were trash talked to and the trash talkers went to jail.
It was a very interesting week. I learned a lot about the judicial system. I also got paid and fed lunch the days I actually served. I also got to sleep in because I didn’t have to get up at 5:00am to commute to Alpharetta, which was the best part of the whole week!

I had wished there were more caches around the area so I could have spent the down time caching. So I placed one for those doing their civic duty or just visiting DownTown Gainesville.

Official Geocache Code:  GCGKYT

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