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It's time to get Spooky… Buford Corn Maze is the place!

The Buford Corn Maze began in 2009 as a fun experiment and has blossomed into a community event that has brought farm life back into an urban setting.  What was once thought as a by-gone era is now reality for the North Atlanta area.

Rodney Miller and Jerome Beggs, two farm boys at heart, had a passion to turn their love of farming into an enjoyable hobby.  Rodney was raised on a full-time farm in southern Illinois.  Currently Rodney continues a 1500 acre row crop operation in his home state.  Jerome was raised on a much smaller part-time 40 acre operation in East Alabama.  And to the men’s surprise, their wives have welcomed the hobby and frequently pitch in with a woman’s touch, making it truly a family affair for Rodney, Kendra, Jerome and Tina.


The first crop of corn was harvested in 2008 on the site of what now is The Buford Corn Maze.  Just a 5+ acre field produced a crop that the full time farmer in the mid west would call failure, but not these two guys.  They took great pride and enjoyment in tilling, planting and harvesting the first row-crop farming this area has seen in years. 

The 2010 crop was approximately 50 acres of corn and 35 acres of soybean!  All were in small acre plots that were discovered by Rodney simply riding through the community and meeting people who were excited about having their land shining once again with crops “as Grandad used to do”.

Even though Rodney and Jerome initially got quite a few strange looks as they drove their large tractors and equipment down the county roads of Gwinnett and Hall Counties, they now get friendly waves from residents as they are now acknowledged as
true stewards of the land we are all blessed with.

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