Visit Georgia's Great Lake 45 Minutes North of Atlanta


N 34° 15.182 W 083° 53.494

UTM: 17S E 233722 N 3793996

Difficulty rating due to high muggle area.

Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Others say plagerize, that’s why God made your eyes! A certain cacher, who shall remain anonymous but whose geonick begins with a punctuation mark and ends with h-y-d-r. : ) and his wife 1GCQT are notorious for caches of this nature. Even once a searcher learns his style they still sometimes have problems locating them. It even takes 3 attempts for this hider to find most of his caches.

In honor of this cacher, we have hidden a cache imitating his “normal” style (if you can call it normal! : ))

Imitation…the sincerest form of flattery. Happy hunting!!

Official Geocache Code:  GC1QCZA

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