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Howdy Neighbor

N 34° 21.587 W 083° 59.031

UTM: 17S E 225569 N 3806084

This is hidden on an island in Lake Lanier.

On the top of this island is a pair of old home sites. These belonged to the neighbors who lived on this hill so many years ago. Both sites have areas of stacked stone and one even has a stone fireplace that’s still standing. And each has a clearly marked well. I didn’t hide the cache amongst the stones so please don’t tear them apart looking for it.

How different things were back then. Imagine their faces if you were to tell them that one day their hill would be entirely surrounded by water! Better yet, what if you told them that, many years in the future, people would be guided to their homes by little handheld boxes that talked to things flying high above the clouds. Makes you wonder what unbelievable things are in our future!!

The cache is hidden at one of the home sites. The coordinates of the other one are listed below in case you’re curious. They’re not far from each other. There’s also an old road that leads from the water’s edge (when there’s water) to very near the two home sites. I highly recommend using this road to hike in if accessing the island by land. It’s a pretty easy hike and it offers great views down to the lake, especially after the leaves have fallen. I bet our two home owners called out “Howdy neighbor!” more than once as they passed each other on this road.

This is a large, beautiful island with a mysterious history. Its woods are peaceful and the views are fantastic. Many deer and other wildlife call it home. I hope you enjoy exploring it as much as I have.

The coordinates posted above are the point where the road meets the shore. The coordinates of the cache are hidden in the puzzle below:


set Lets {x33..[^8]+.(.)(.)[3-8]+(..)[^4]+([^5]+).+(.)x4e(.)[^x37]+(..).(64)}

set go “0123456789876543210123456789N3422W83599876543210”

regexp $Lets $go geocaching C F A E G B H D

puts “N 34 $A.$B$C$D W 083 [incr E]$F.$G$H”

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Official Geocache Code: GC18YCB

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