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GTA shows off their "Intimate Apparel" and "Underpants"

Public Shows: February 9,11,12,15,17,19, 2011

Intimate Apparel is a deeply moving portrait of Esther, an African-American seamstress who creates exquisite lingerie for women of both the boudoir and the brothel in 1905 Manhattan. As years pass and young friends marry and leave the boarding house and Esther consoles her loneliness and deftly stitches beautiful things for other women’s intimate moments, a stream of love letters begin to arrive from a handsome Barbadian laborer working on the Panama Canal.  This winner of five Best Play awards is filled with desire, passion and betrayal. Directed by Jim Hammond

Run time:  2 hours (one 12 minute intermission)

Rated:  PG-15

Tickets are $16-$18 for adults, $14-$16 for seniors 65+ and $10-$12 for students/children.  Select your own seats online by clicking the ticket icon on the left, or call the Box Office at 678.717.3624 for best available seating.

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The Underpants
by Carl Sternheim, adapted by Steve Martin

Public Shows: February 8,10,12,13,16,18,19, 2011

This adaptation by Steve Martin (yes, that Steve Martin) focuses a zany eye on the relationship between a prudish butcher and his delectably voluptuous young wife, Louise.  In a time when a glimpse of stocking was something shocking, two very different men face cardiac arrest when they are witness to the full descent of the luscious Louise’s lingerie during an outdoor celebration.  To the butcher’s dismay, Louise gains instant celebrity and attracts all kinds of romantic intrigue in this hilarious, frothy, naughty comedy. Directed by Alan Kilpatrick

Run time:  2 hours (one 12 minute intermission)

Rated:  PG-15

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