Folk Pottery Event in Lula May 7th

Collectors will be lining up along County Line Road in Lula early Saturday morning for a chance to pick through the latest offerings from the kiln of local folk pottery artist Michael Crocker. His wares are legendary in the folk art community and have even found their way into the Smithsonian Institution’s collection of American Art.

If you’ve never been to Crocker’s chicken house turned potter’s workshop in North Hall County, this weekend is the perfect opportunity. Listen as he spins a yarn about his time as a folk potter’s apprentice and watch in awe as he molds yellow and blue Georgia clay into fine pieces of utility and decorative pottery.

His kiln openings draw collectors from as far away as Australia and the Far East. With pieces ranging in price from a few dollars to thousands, the local artists has made a good living and an excellent reputation for himself as Georgia’s most prominent and prolific potter who still uses the most authentic methods of folk potters passed down through generations since the Colonial era.

Michael Crocker’s Kiln Opening

Lula. 1-3 p.m. Saturday

Crocker Pottery

6361 W. County Line Road, Lula, Georgia.

Michael’s work is on display through the exhibits at the Northeast Georgia Folk Pottery Museum in Sautee, Georgia. Check out this video about the museum:


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