Visit Georgia's Great Lake 45 Minutes North of Atlanta

Father's Day

N 34° 06.180 W 083° 58.005

UTM: 17S E 226312 N 3777551

“Honor your father and mother.”

This one is in honor of my dad. Remember your parents while you still have them. Feel free to log a story or memory you’ve shared with your dad.

I don’t have any recommendations for the best starting point, as I don’t believe I took the best approach but it’s not too far from the trail. I’ve given this one a two for terrain because of all the ticks that found me. It was a good thing my daughter and I had planed to go swimming after placing it. I plan to put on DEET and wear long pants before I go back.

I’ve started this one off with a few $10 plus items as well as a collector’s monopoly watch.

6-22-2002 I replaced temporary container with an ammo can. I also took the Frisbee and left 2 kits and a tire pump. I didn’t see any ticks today.

Picture is a spoiler that shows the cache area. (To be uploaded later.)

2-7-05 Per Team PEZ, Cymbaline, AtlantaGal, & Jeeptoysrus, it looks like the geomuggles have stolen this cache. I’ll allow them to log it as found. (It’s the least I can do for someone geocaching on my birthday.) I don’t know when I can get out to replace it. I’m overdue maintaining another one in the park that the geomuggles hit also.

2-8-05 According to Blueprizm, this cache has reappeared in the location that it was photographed missing. Prehaps a bit of geo-magic?

Office geocache code: GC6529

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