Out of this World Cache

N 34° 17.954 W 083° 49.599  

UTM: 17S E 239845 N 3798953

This cache involves two hikes – the first is just under 2 paved miles through three city parks and involves gathering hints from 12 monuments along the way (the distance is one way, though there are parking areas at both ends if you ride share). These hints can be used to gather coordinates for the parking area and site for the actual cache. The parking area for the second hike is about 10 miles from the end of the first hike site. The second hike is .8 miles from the parking lot – though it could be much further if you get off on the wrong trail!


Begin your hike at the above coordinates and make sure you bring along a pen and paper! You will be at monument number 1. As you go along the hiking trail, you will see 11 other monuments – each numbered below in the order you will arrive at them.

Monument 1: How many actual miles represent 2 billion miles in the model’s scale?

Monument 2: What is the nighttime temperature in Fahrenheit?

Monument 3: How many Earth Days per orbit?

Monument 4: How many miles from the sun?

Monument 5: How many moons?

Monument 6: What is the year that the first asteroid was discovered?

Monument 7: How far is the biggest moon from the planet?

Monument 8: What is the true diameter?

Monument 9: What percent of this is helium?

Monument 10: What is the surface temperature?

Monument 11: What is the diameter of the planet?

Monument 12: How many miles to the next closest star based on the scale model? (NOTE: This monument actually includes a hint to the cache location)

Now that you have the information, assign the following letters as indicated:
A = Number collected at Monument 1
B = The 2nd digit collected at Monument 8
C = Number collected at Monument 5
D = The 4th digit collected at Monument 10
E = The 2nd digit collected at Monument 11
F = The 3rd digit collected at Monument 3
G = The 4th digit collected at Monument 6
H = The 2nd digit collected at Monument 7
I = The 1st digit collected at Monument 4
J = The 1st digit collected at Monument 9
K = The 1st digit collected at Monument 2
L = The 3rd digit collected at Monument 12

The cache is hidden at N34 AB.CDE W 83 51.691
Suggested parking is at N34 AB.CKD W 83.LC.DCL

Official Geocache Code – GC7EA7

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