Visit Georgia's Great Lake 45 Minutes North of Atlanta

Old War Horse

N 34° 17.479 W 083° 50.169
UTM: 17S E 238945 N 3798099

At the posted coords you will be at General Lee’s Old War Horse. Look for the grave marked grandson. To find the North coords located here N 34 XX.XXX. Take the “grandson” birth and death year. Add them together. Take that number and add 9783. This will give you the XX.XXX North coords. Now travel to these coords N 34 24.225 W 083 53.354. At this site you will meet Mr.Elrod. You cannot miss him because he is standing. To find the West coords located here W 083 XX.XXX. Take his birth year and death year and add them together. Take that number and add 52496. This will give you the XX.XXX West coords. You now have the information you need to find the final stage. I hope you enjoy the layout of this cache. I have grandparents who live in Gainesville. I did an 8th grade history project on the people above and also the poultry history of Gainesville. Thanks and happy caching.

Official Geocache Code – GCXHEF

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