Kid's Kache Bucket of Fun #2

N 34° 06.351 W 083° 58.198
UTM: 17S E 226024 N 3777876

This cache is located in a very kid friendly neighborhood park with a playground and ball fields. It’s a camouflage painted bucket. It is stocked with children’s Toys. This is a Kid’s Toy themed Kache so please trade accordingly. No knives, lighters or other dangerous things.

******Best rule of thumb, If you don’t want your kids to have it don’t leave it.

Kid’s Kache #2 Inventory:

  1. Bubbles
  2. 5 hotwheels
  3. box of colored chaulk
  4. jump rope
  5. Super balls
  6. Jax
  7. silly putty
  8. Single use Camera – Please take a picture of your Crew!
  9. Log book
  10. Pen and Pencil

Warnings: I have given this a 1.5 rating because of the usual dangers you could encounter – Thorns, Ivy, Thorns and did I say Thorns. Please be careful. This Kache is supposed to be relatively easy, it is more for the kids than the adults. The accuracy I was getting was about 17 feet. So the cords should be pretty good. THIS IS A VERY HIGH TRAFFIC AREA, PLEASE RECOVER AS WELL OR BETTER THAN YOU FOUND IT.

Have Fun!

Official Geocache Code – GC4B7A

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