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Airsoft Range Hits the Bullseye

What is Airsoft?
Similar to Paintball, Airsoft is a team-building sport where participants use replica firearms shooting 6mm or 8mm plastic “BB” rounds and typically wear replica military gear and/or team uniforms. Besides being a great sport, Airsoft encourages honor, teamwork, and leadership skill building. Airsoft weapons, easily recognizable by their federally mandated fluorescent orange muzzles, use springs, gas, or batteries in their operation.

Where can we have an airsoft experience?
Current Hours:
Friday 3PM – Sunset
Saturday 10AM – Sunset
Sunday 10AM – Sunset

Telephone: 678-696-1880

Skype: Solairsoft


Facebook: SolAirsoft Group

Twitter: /solairsoft

Check out Lake Lanier’s newest outdoor adventure for an afternoon of fun that’s hits the bullseye.


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