Visit Georgia's Great Lake 45 Minutes North of Atlanta

A Change on the Horizon

Keep your eyes on the horizon, mates, and set your course for a new location! The Lake Lanier Convention & Visitors Bureau has recently moved into the new Hall County Government Services Building, and with a new office comes new hours, new contact information, and new opportunities for us to help you navigate your way around Lake Lanier!

You can find us in our new quarters between the hours of 8 am and  5pm every weekday. Our main phone line remains the same at 770-536-5209, however you can now also reach our “Captain” and her “crew” at their direct lines for specific queries.

Stacey Dickson, President, 678-696-2493,

Jennifer Norman, Vice President, 678-636-2495,

Front Desk, 678-696-2491

As always, feel free to visit us for one of our Visitor’s Guides, maps, or brochures from the area, or request one via phone or the Contact Us page on our website.

May your days be filled with smooth sailing!

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