Visit Georgia's Great Lake 45 Minutes North of Atlanta


N 34° 20.463 W 083° 56.229

UTM: 17S E 229806 N 3803880

This is a .50 cal ammo can hidden on a Lake Lanier peninsula. It can be accessed by water or by land.
This is an interesting little peninsula on Lake Lanier. Since it’s easy to get to by road, large docks are often built along the north shore. Then they’re floated to their final destination. There’s an old home site here too. At full pool it’s under water. But when the water’s down you can see the concrete foundation and some brickwork.
If you come by land you’ll notice tire tracks where people have driven along the shore. I’m pretty sure the Corps of Engineers does not allow that but it happens quite a bit. My advice is to park here then walk along the shore until the woods start to open up roughly ESE of the cache. The longer you resist the urge to enter the woods, the easier your bushwacking experience will be. You may find this challenging because your GPSr will be telling you you’re getting farther away. This route will be about 0.6 miles each way. If you don’t follow this advice you may have a shorter hike but you’ll encounter much more challenging terrain. Plus you’ll be disturbing the many deer that live in that thick stuff. Do not make a beeline from the parking area to the cache as that open field is someone’s private property.
The cache name comes from the navigational sign at the southern tip of the peninsula. The “LC” stands for Latham Creek. And the “3” gives a general idea of how far up the creek you are. Since it’s an odd number it means you’re headed upstream if the sign is on your left. Knowing these things may come in handy if you ever get turned around on the lake. Of course a map, GPS, and cell phone wouldn’t be a bad idea either!

Once at GZ this shouldn’t be a difficult find. The coordinates are the average of 1000 samples. As always, leave no trace. If you turn over a stone, replace it just how you found it. Don’t pulverize logs or stumps. If you trample down leaves near the cache, fluff them back up. If you leave footprints on the shore, use a branch to erase them. Ok, now I’m kidding but you get the idea.

Happy hiking!




Official Geocache Code: GC1P1ZJ

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