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10 year old Catches 31 lb Bass on Lake Lanier – watch the video!

Kevin Johnson posted a great video to You Tube and we just could not resist sharing it. Read below his account of a fishing trip on Lake Lanier this summer when his young son, Jonathan caught a monster…enjoy!

Excerpt below from Kevin’s blog…
My 10 year old son has been fishing with me for Striped Bass on Lake Lanier for many years. We use nothing but lures and catch them by trolling and jigging. His biggest till this year was a 26 lb’er. This summer he really got into jigging and in this clip you’ll see him hook and land a 31 POUND MONSTER which is his biggest so far. He got it to bite a Daredevil while using 20 lb test Spider Wire. Since this line doesn’t stretch, he got to feel all the raw power of this fish and it was about all he could handle but in the end we were able to boat this giant. I was so lucky to have the camera on and actually caught the whole event from when he got the bite to when we pulled it on the boat!

Watch Jonathan catch the monster bass here!!!

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